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The Business of Beauty

My Hustle
My Hustle

'Our impact will be to change the conversation around beauty ensuring more inclusivity and diversity in our world, starting in Africa. We want our platform to help shape positive conversations on topics like albinism, dark skin, vitiligo, body shaming & Instagram lives that are unachievable.' – Beauty Revolution (

In the global beauty market and especially in the South African beauty market there is a new wave of innovative, cool, bold, consumer-driven and exciting smaller beauty brands that are lighting the industry up. These new power players are challenging the bigger brands with their alternative approach to products, branding, marketing and even consumer interactions. 

This cool new consumer-driven wave has caused the global beauty market to be completely transformed! Interesting new narratives that sound more like you and me are taking hold of this space, telling a new more realistic beauty story that is dictated by the needs and wants of today's beauty consumers – us. 

Some of the biggest and baddest disrupters on the SA beauty scene are young and hip boss ladies that are as inspiring, as they are glowing! If you are thinking of joining the Beauty Revolution and starting your own hustle, these six steps will help you get started:

1.Do your homework

  • This goes much further than a simple Google search. To tap into the market and really understand what your customers want, you will need to talk to people in the industry, run surveys and questionnaires, see what your competitors are doing and even research the production, packaging and shipping process. 
  • You do not want to leave any stone unturned; after all – this brand will become an extension of you! You want to ensure that you have every base (and every shade) covered!
  • Now this is all about getting up close and personal with the industry, so don't forget to read tons of fashion content, watch make-up-related vids on YouTube and monitor the trends on social media. This will help you become your brand and your industry.

2.Create your brands personality

  • If someone had to take your brand or products out on a first date, what is the impression you want them to give?
  • The brand identity is very important – you have to think super carefully about what kind of identity you want to build. Are you eco-friendly; are you vegan; are you edible?
  • Write down a list of identifying factors and build everything around that, from packaging to ingredients.

3.Add more value

  • Once you figure out point 2, you can find out who your competitors are. Find something that will help you stand out and will get customers excited.
  • Take Fenty Beauty, for example. Rihanna figured what other brands had not offered and what was most needed by women of colour and addressed it. Find the gap in your market and don't just address it, redefine it!

4.Make the customer experience lit

  • It is just as much about the product as it is about the customer experience. Look at what the major players like Mac and Sephora are doing and find ways to do it, and do it better. Find a new and creative way to hook your customers! Make the selection, payment and receiving of the product a satisfying insta-worthy experience.

5.Learn the regulations

  • NB! Do not forget about compliance standards. Make sure that your make-up products meet safety standards and get approved by the correct authority! Soooo, it is very important to test your products first, before releasing them to the public. 

6. Find your person

  • Take your list from point 2, and find an influencer that represents those points the best! Please don't pick a brand ambassador based on just their fame regardless of their reputation or their relevance. Ensure that they are able to be a good representative and help build a positive brand image.

If you would like the pleasure of meeting these #FierceFemales, listening to their stories or even trying out their brands, get your tickets for the Beauty Revolution Festival right here! The Beauty Revolution Festival 2020 will take place on Friday, 13 March and Saturday, 14 March at the Sandton Convention Centre.

'This isn't about dictating trends. This isn't about following the crowd. This definitely isn't about doing what's been done before.

This is a rebellion. A revolt. A new beauty regime.' – Beauty Revolution (

Are you thinking of joining the Beauty Revolution and starting your own hustle? Read this article about #BossLady Rabia Ghoor who runs the proudly South African beauty empire, Swiitch Beauty! (

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