#MyHustle: The SwiitchBeauty Story

My Hustle
My Hustle

'I was 14 years old when I started my business and I think when you're so young, nothing seems impossible. Nothing seems unachievable, because no one's told you so just yet.' – Rabia Ghoor, Founder of Swiitch Beauty

77,7k followers. One dream. A beauty empire.

Fam, if you need a dash of inspo to get your hustler juices flowing, this one is for you. Swiitch Beauty is a proudly South African online beauty store run by #BossLady Rabia Ghoor. Since its inception in 2014 (out of Rabia's 4m2 bedroom!), Swiitch Beauty has taken Mzansi by storm and her story highlights (see what we did there?) just how important it is to follow your passion and live your hustle.

According to Rabia, who is the very definition of the millennial hustler, it all started with a dream. A dream to create products South African girls and boys want and would actually use. A dream to write articles people would actually read and which would create conversation around topics the South African beauty community actually want to hear. 

Like all great dreamers, Ghoor created and ran Swiitch Beauty under circumstances many of you young hustlers are dealing with today; she was juggling the responsibilities of being a full-time high-school student and a new-business owner. She remembers having to pack beauty products until 03:00, then having to wake up a few hours later for a full day of school. Rabia had to grab the bull by its horns and not just be a CEO, but an employee too. She had to handle product research and development, marketing, imports, financials, as well as order fulfilment all by herself. Not to mention that she was juggling high school, being a teenager, exams, assignments and extra murals all at the same time … Kind of like being Hannah Montana, just cooler. 

Rabia is 19 this year. She says: 'It's all been kind of a whirlwind; seeing the company go from inception to where it is now. However, my personal growth over the past three years has been my absolute proudest achievement.' 

If you take anything from this story, it should be that no matter what stage of your life you're at and no matter what your circumstances are, if you have a dream and you are ready to do the work, there is nothing stopping you from building your empire.

Extracts from: https://swiitchbeauty.com/pages/frontpage