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What your email signature says about you?

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My Job

Ever thought about what your email signature says about you? We trawled the interwebs so you won’t have to.

Email is the worst. It’s so easy for anyone to misinterpret your words. But unless you’re a lumberjack, it’s your primary means of staying in touch. How you end your email says plenty about you as a person, so you might want to think about your choices.

Thank you, thanks, tx – aren’t you a polite one? Generally, this is a pretty safe option, but it could be also be kinda passive aggressive, depending on how you use it. Use it if you’re actually thanking someone, but be careful about context.

Thanks so much – you’re trying waaay too hard to be nice. Or you’re being seriously sarcastic.

Sincerely – you've time-travelled from the 1900s to test out your farewells on a digital nation. Or you’re hoping against hope to introduce more formality to the workplace. Still, you’re unlikely to offend anyone.

Cheers – the pub is your first home and you’re trying to bring some feel-good vibes to everyone’s day. Hard to pull off, and most people can’t. Save this for your mates.

Best – you know you can’t pull off 'Cheers', but 'Sincerely' seems too stiff. Meh.

Regards – this is apparently one of the most common signoffs. Imagine saying it in a British accent. Not too formal or too laidback. A solid middle-of-the-road option.

XOXO – No. Just … no.

Just your official signature with job title and company logo – yes, you’re that busy. Too busy for idle niceties, it seems. You might just be the office sociopath, hiding in plain sight.