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#LifeHacks for first time job seekers

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My Job

There’s nothing like looking for your first job, or going to your first-ever interview. Whether you’ve just graduated university or finished high school, it could feel like you’re sending your CV into a black hole, never knowing if you will get an answer or if it will disappear forever. 

Now let’s face it, being ghosted by a potential bae is bad, but being ghosted by an interviewer is even worse. It usually starts a chain reaction that leaves you feeling like a grade A creeper. At first you follow up once a week, then you find yourself emailing them twice a day and before you know it you are stalking their sister’s dog on social media!

Job seeking is a stressful, and lets be honest, painful process. It is easy to feel that it is a pointless exercise and that you might never get your foot in the door. We are here to tell you that it is not as bad as you think. Once the right job comes along it will be like a match made in heaven #RelationshipGoals.

Here are some #LifeHacks to keep you sane while looking for your dream job.

It takes time, and that is okay.

Everything takes time, there is no point freaking out if it takes you a couple of months to find a job after you graduate. You will have your entire life to work, so chill a bit and give yourself a break.

You were rejected, so what?

Don’t get too caught up in the no’s. Applying for a job and going for interviews take practice – just like anything else. Nothing is perfect the first time around; you will get better with time.

It is about the industry, not the job.

It’s all about getting your foot in the right door, even if it’s not exactly the job you were going for. Get to know people, figure out what opportunities might be coming up, and show the right people that you’re passionate about the field.

Just Google it

The biggest mistake you can make preparing for an interview is not doing enough research on the company. Interviewers know when you have not done your homework. You should at least have a basic understanding of what the company does and the types of employees they’re looking for.

You’ve got this!

Confidence is key. If you are confident in your interview, the interviewer assumes that you will be confident in the position. Don’t take it so far that you appear arrogant, just have an air of positivity and excitement about you. 

The door is more than it appears. It separates who you are from who you can be. You do not have to walk through it… You can run.

– Franklin Richards

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