Get a handle on corporate lingo - part 2

My Job
My Job

No no, this has nothing to do with UberEats. A ‘deliverable’ is a task that needs to be delivered on, like a report or a software implementation and not sushi from up the road.

Career-limiting move 

The term isn’t about dumb stunts like mooning the chairman or emailing your bookie on the company’s email server. That stuff will get you fired. But not letting your boss win at Golf Day, or refusing the fifth tequila shot they offer you at the end of year party … those are career-limiting moves.


Key performance indicators are a yardstick used to measure individual and team progress against company goals. They’re basically a report card, but for adults. And just FYI … they’re directly linked to your bonus. 


This is another made-up business term that showed up in the late eighties as a replacement for ‘new‑employee orientation’. Basically, it’s when you show up on your first day and they tell you everything about your job and the company in the shortest amount of time possible. You might leave with a headache.