Get a handle on corporate lingo

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Smart casual 

No, it doesn’t mean smart on the top, casual on the bottom. It’s neat and professional, but not formal. No sneakers or ripped jeans, but you also don’t have to go as far as ties or heels.


It means cost to company, and is the total amount you cost your employer every month. Depending on the company, it includes stuff like medical aid and pension contributions. And before you get too excited, this amount is before tax.


Not as in corn (like this joke). It stands for close of business. Basically, if someone tells you they want something by COB, you better log out of Tinder and get to it. 


Another acronym?! Yip, corporates love ‘em. If you get an email with this as the subject line, someone isn’t telling you that you look hot today … it means they’re out of office.