The art of the South African Hustle

My Hustle
My Hustle

'Oh, do it

Oh, do it

Do it

Do the hustle, do the hustle' – Van McCoy

As South Africans, we have redefined the word 'hustler'. Traditionally, being called a hustler was a negative thing, something unprofessional that doesn't end in legitimate success and wouldn't lead to being seen as a bona fide entrepreneur.

So, what is a hustler, you might ask? A hustler is someone who is in the right place at the right time. Being a hustler means that you are resourceful, hardworking and determined to succeed. You make your own luck, follow your own path and don't just join the conversation, but create it. Being a hustler means making your own Felix Felicis (Yes, the liquid luck potion from Harry Potter, you nerd!). It means knowing that hustling is a 24-hour job, but working 25.

As a proudly South African hustler, you have the following charateristics:

  •      You have a clear vision, passion, goals and hella self-belief.
  •      You absolutely love what you do; your hustle doesn’t feel like work.
  •      You don’t sweat the small stuff.
  •      You understand that rejection is part of growth and achieving the end goal.
  •      You understand the importance of a long-term vision.
  •      You're a cold caller with no fear of asking for help.
  •      You're always striving to be better.
  •      You're curious and consistently looking to gain new skills.
  •      You care about people and value diversity.
  •      You understand how your hustle impacts society at large.
  •      You're not afraid of taking risks