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#Inspo: Turning your side hustle into a beauty revolution

My Hustle
My Hustle

Like all revolutions, the Beauty Revolution started because people felt a deep need to challenge the way society functions. The co-founders of Beauty Revolution Yasmin Kathoria and Kanchana Moodliar saw the impact social media has on self-esteem and ideals of beauty. These hustlers didn’t want to be part of another generation that makes girls and young women change who they are to be more accepted in society.

These ladies took their passion and turned it into a side hustle that took the South African beauty scene by storm with a two-day beauty festival that took place on 6 and 7 April 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre. The festival featured the best make-up influencers and 'beau-Tubers' in masterclasses, powerhouse panellists spoke out on topics close to their hearts and attendees shopped the hottest beauty brands under one roof! 

Are you ready to start your own revolution? Here are six things you will need to do:

  • Understand that a revolution can be big or small. Whether you're trying to change the education system or the way people look at lipstick, what matters is that you're passionate about it.
  • Rally your tribe. No revolution is a revolution without a group of people that share similar values.
  • Tap into your outrage. Use your outrage and your passion to fuel action for change.
  • The cause rules. The movement is centred on the mission and not a single individual.
  • Break down the revolution into actionable steps. What changes need to be made and how will they be accomplished best?
  • Keep the end in mind. It's easy to get sidetracked with things that might seem to benefit your mission but are just distractions really.
Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: