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Your LinkedIn profile is the window to your soul

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My Career

Say, ‘Vegan cheese!’ Your LinkedIn profile picture is your face to the world of work. This ain’t the place for no bathroom mirror selfie. Every viewer of your profile inspects your image. Make sure what they see aligns with your brand and portrays you in the best light.

Here are seven hella dope tips for taking the perfect LinkedIn profile picture!

1. Shine, baby, shine! Good lighting takes any photo from drab to fab!

2. Don’t get fancy! The background should be simple and not distracting. You're the star, not that cliché flower wallpaper!

3. Dress to impress! It's all about wearing well-fitted clothes, looking hella professional and being your cool, calm and collected self. If you believe it, they will see it too!

4. Adjust yo' bad self! Before that flash goes off, give yourself a once-over and make sure everything is in place.

5. It isn’t always about working those angles! For the most professional, boss-level pictures, keep the camera close to eye level! If the pic is taken at too high a level, you will end up looking submissive and small. If it is taken way too low, you will look like a supervillain.

6. Work it, bae! The idea is to look genuine, authentic, happy and like someone you would like to work with. It's simple: Give a big smile that crinkles your eyes.

Photoshop is like perfume: It should accentuate, not overwhelm. Use Photoshop to fix small details so that you look fresh and confident. There is also no harm in removing your red eye, smoothing those pesky flyaway hairs and obliterating annoying blemishes. 


Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: