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WhatsApp work groups and other scary stories

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Work WhatsApp groups. No matter how long you mute them for, they will continue to devour data like the last slice of cake, disrupt your sleep like a hadada and interrupt every important moment of your life.

We live in an always-on world where technology is all around us and information is at our fingertips. We have epic tools that allow us to explore a cave and learn a language at the click of a button. However, this also means we can be contacted with just a tap of a screen. So, how do we unplug from work if everything is cordless?

To help with this annoying problem your buddies down at Unlocked.Me thought we’d put together a list of golden rules for WhatsApp work groups:

  • Start off by outlining the purpose of the group to the members.
  • Outline the groups rules so that everyone is clear on:

            what is relevant to post;

            what is considered an emergency;

            why certain people are a part of the group; and

            the appropriate time to message the group.

  • Give members the freedom to join or leave the group without judgment.
  • Be simple, direct and to the point in every message posted.
  • Send only messages that are relevant to all members – do not start one-on-one conversations in the group.
  • Answer questions only if you have a helpful answer.
  • Do not use the group to call out people or groups. Such conversations should be held in private on more formal channels. Never, ever use a group to berate someone else or air grievances.
  • After the group has achieved its goal, delete it. When the group has served its purpose, delete it.

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