Teenagers and handling depression

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Let's face it fam, being a teenager is hard. It often feels like the world is ending. For those suffering from depression that feeling does not always go away.

Scroll on down and check out the two best Ted Talks about teenage depression, by teenagers themselves.

1.'The truth about teen depression' by social activist Megan Shinnick who talks about:

  • The misconceptions and actual importance of depression.
  • The societal flaws responsible for the increase in the illness among teens.
  • The increased pressures put on students that create the situation, while the majority of schools don't have the necessary resources to aid students who suffer from depression or anxiety.



2. 'Conquering depression: How I became my own hero' by high-school student Hunter Kent who talks about:

  • How she courageously shares her profound journey from despair to peace.
  • How she now uses her past suffering to connect and empathise with her fellow students in need of encouragement and hope.