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Sorry, Mom, I’m moving out. How to create your dream living space on a budget


Flying the nest (AKA your parents’ house) is a big step for anyone. Whether you’ve finally saved up to buy or rent your first home close by or are moving to a new city to study or start a new job, having a space that reflects who you are is very important.

According to top interior design experts the Backstreet Boys your space tells the story of ‘who you are, where you’re from and what you did’. From a polaroid stuck on your fridge door and old books stacked on shelves, to your favorite fragrance and the shade of green you have on the wall – all these details are a reflection of you and are important in making you feel more at home and relaxed.

 Money doesn’t grow on trees, so getting that place you’ve always dreamt of on your current budget may be harder than expected. But worry not, fam, we’re here with some top tips to help you design the space of your dreams, without breaking the bank.

 Pick your colour palette:

  •   Who needs an interior designer when you have the internet? Here’s how to do it.

1.Search the web and look for a picture with an aesthetic you’d love to adopt in your space and save it to your device. This can be a piece of art, or an aspirational space that you’d love to use as inspo.

2.Upload it to Canva and use the colour palette generator.[NB(1] 

3.Save your custom colour chart and use it as a guide when you look for paint, furniture and décor accessories.

  •  Create a colourful accent wall to give the area some personality:
    •  An accent wall is a cost-effective way to bring life and personality into a space. While you should always let your personal taste guide you, most experts suggest picking light or bright colours. This is where your colour chart from step one comes in handy.
    •   If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t even hire a pro. Just grab a ladder, masking tape, a plastic tarp, some brushes and let your creativity flow.


  • Go the crafty route and get your DIY on.
    • If having your own place doesn’t already have you beaming with pride, creating some original pieces or tackling a physical job certainly will.
    • Why DIY?

1.You’ll save tons of moola on things like labour and delivery.

2.You get just what you want, because let’s face it – no one understands your needs and vision like you do.

3.You’ll learn a new skill. There are tons of tutorials you can watch online, from sanding floors to building your own furniture.

4.You’ll gain a sense of achievement and pride in your project.


  • Give a pre-loved item new life.
    • While you’re cleaning your belongings before the move, ask yourself what can you jazz up and give new life to.

1. A vintage suitcase could be cleaned up, repainted and used as a coffee table.

2.Those old pairs of jeans could be used to create an awesome carpet.

3.Those jackets could be used to reupholster a stool.

4.Your old rock band T-shirts could be upcycled and made into some cool cushions.


  • Take your time
    • It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and overspending. You can survive for a few weeks without a couch, but you do need food, so set up a budget and stick to it. If you run out, start saving again but don’t tap into your savings or the money that is set aside for more important things. A new home is meant to bring you joy, not debt.
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Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: