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#SavingGoals – July is Savings Month


When peeps are going on about saving, you're probably like, 'you've got jokes.' Living costs are mad expensive and it won't be changing any time soon. Stop. Breathe. July is Savings Month, so here are seven tips to get you through the seventh month.

Budget, baby

It sounds like one of those things your gran says, but if you don't budget, you're probably spending like #YOLO. Having credit can easily end up biting you in the you-know-what. Match what you're spending with what you're earning and stick to your budget.

Be food smart

Planning your meals can actually save you some dough. See what we did there? Try buying bigger. That family-sized mac and cheese could be dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. Take it easy on the takeaways – they don't come cheap. Also pack your own lunch – buying from that lunch joint every day can wreck your wallet.

Be bank savvy

Banking costs can leave you broke if you don't bank like a boss. The Unlocked.Me Student Account helps you save with cool perks like zero monthly maintenance fees, no swipe charges, and free[AL1] cash transactions at Nedbank ATMs. Read up on how your account can help you reach your #SavingGoals.

Cut down on socialising

Yeah, we're all keen on having a good time. While it's cool to do a couple of shots with your squad, you need to check yourself. Entrance fees, that next round of drinks, and tips can leave you broke pretty quickly. Don't go too big before going home.

Sharing is caring

Sure, living alone is the bomb. No one stealing your food or hogging the Xbox. But it doesn't come cheap. Sharing with a mate immediately halves your rent, water, and electricity. Doesn't sound too shabby, huh?

Be Wi-Fi wise

Our phones are life. From sliding into DMs to downloading that on-fire AKA track. Fun times – until you run out of data. Use free Wi-Fi spots whenever you can and save your data for important stuff, like Maps, to go where the party's at.

Fake it till you make it

Looking on point is important, but not everyone has Kim K's cash. There are loads of cheaper options than designer brands. Shop around. You'll find something just as hawt that doesn't cost a fortune.

Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: