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Money tips I wish I knew in my early twenties


I knew from a very young age that I was going to be the type of person who works to live, but never lives to work. I always saw money as a means to an end, the vehicle to living my best and most financially, mentally and emotionally fulfilling life.

Now, this does not mean that I don’t believe in working hard for my money, it simply means that there is so much more to life than the daily grind. You need to find and maintain a healthy balance that ensures your financial security and your mental wellness. I feel it is so important for everyone to understand that, especially now that the world we know has changed so much. It has put life into perspective, and it is crucial to acknowledge the important things in your life, like your financial independence, your family, your friends and savouring each day like it’s your last.

You need to work smart and unlock all the potential in your life, and I am here to help you achieve that with some quick tips I wish I knew when I was in my early twenties.

1.Understand that money does not make the world go around, you do.

2.Try your best to keep track of your finances.

3.Keep your impulses in line and weigh the long-term pros and cons of all your purchases.

4.There is nothing easier than swiping that plastic, but make sure that you buy on your credit card only if you can afford to pay it back at the end of the month.

5.Life is too short to spend your hard-earned cash on impressing other people.

6.Take a deep dive into your spending and figure out which habits are draining your bank balance.

7.Find the joy in accumulating savings instead of accumulating things … only savings can help you retire or buy that house one day.

8.Invest your money in quality companies; invest your time in the people you love.

9.Spend your money where you actually spend your time, not where you want to spend it.

10.If you buy something on Monday and can still justify buying it a week later, then it’s worth getting.

11.Allocate your earnings according to your needs and stick to it. Yep, that means you should defs put that stormtrooper mask back on the shelve and walk away.

12.Start saving beforehand in your Nedbank MyPocket for the big-ticket items in your life plan, like a car, a house or even something more short-term like that gaming system you always wanted.






Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: