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It’s Valentine’s Day – spoil bae on a budget


Red balloons are clouding up store windows, and heart-shaped chocolates are starting to appear all over the grocery store. Yup, the month of love has arrived – and your bank account is getting nervous. Because when everyone and their bae on your social media feed are having French champagne and oysters for Valentine’s Day, it’s tempting to join the club and spend your hard-earned cash in the name of love. 

That’s why we’re excited to share a couple of tips that might just inspire a lot more love and a lot less debt this V-day:   

Dinner and a movie at home

The old-school way:    ± R700

Your way:                  ± R200

Who doesn’t like a homecooked meal made with love? Recreate the restaurant experience with your very own menu, some candles and a playlist you created specially for the occasion. Rent or stream your partner’s favourite movie after dessert, and don’t forget the popcorn. 

If you’re still living with your folks or housemates, why not pack a picnic and dine under the stars?

Don’t send flowers

The old-school way:    ± R500

Your way:                  ± R150

Surprise your Valentine at work during your lunch break with something unexpected but affordable – like two takeaway coffees or a packed lunch you can enjoy together. Flower prices are usually inflated on Valentine’s Day, and delivery costs start at around 80 bucks, so do something different and save a wad of cash.  

Show them you know them

The old-school way:    ± R350

Your way:                  ± R50 

Giving jewellery is so last year. So, get down to every second-hand bookstore in town and look for a copy of your partner’s most-loved book or author. Or tell your own love story – simply take photos of the things they love, tag the photos using a special hashtag you’ve created, and share them on Instagram on Valentine’s Day. The heart-eyes emoji will definitely trend! 

Whether it’s something old or something new, we all know that the best way to maintain any romantic relationship is with respect and a whole lotta love. The same applies to the relationship you have with your money. Showing your guy or girl you love them doesn’t have to cost the world; even the smallest gesture has the potential to rock their world. Go ahead and share some love this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. 

Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: