5 tips to help you save a few bucks


Saving money isn’t always about putting a chunk of your salary away every month. You can also save some cash by making small lifestyle changes. We’ve put together a few tips that’ll help your money go further. You’re welcome.


  • Be honest … how often are you making it to the gym? If it’s less than once a week, cancel your contract and rather go for a run or work out        
  • Keep your empty dishwashing liquid and fabric softener bottles. Lots of brands sell refills, so you’ll save a few bucks on the packaging.
  • Craving a wardrobe update? Shop the end-of-season sales, or do a clothes swop with friends.
  • Have a spare room? Consider getting a flatmate to help you split your rent and household costs.
  • Ditch the bottled water and open the tap – it’s way cheaper! And you’ll be helping the environment.