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How to graduate uni with good credit


Right, so we know that the whole post-uni thing can be pretty scary when you're just getting into the job market. You're going to need heaps of help to stay ahead of the game and nobody's got time for bad credit. Don't sweat. Here's how you can leave uni with a good credit score.

It's in the deets

Credit rating agencies are big on things like where you live. If your details don't match their records when you apply for credit, they could be like, nah. It's a schlep, but make sure credit agencies know when you've moved to a new crib.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

To get credit, you need to have credit. #TrueStory. It's cool to get a student credit card to start building a credit record. But hold up. Don't go cray cray with the spending. 

Don't leave peeps hanging

It's never cool to leave the people you owe money hanging. Late payments on clothing and mobile accounts aren't great for your credit score. Put your creditors at the top of your budget list and pay up, baby!

Space it out

Every time you try to get credit, the credit peeps make a note. If they say no the first time, don't be a nag. Stick it out for 30 days before trying again. If you don't, you'll end up with loads of declined applications, making you look like a bad bet. 

No cash on credit

Drawing cash on your credit card is a big no-no. You'll end up looking like you suck at budgeting and using cash you don't have. Don't. Just don't. 

Trash unwanted credit

Once your credit score is looking peachy, creditors are keen to hook you up with more. But if you're not using that clothing account, ditch it. Keep your credit list on the low for when you really need it.

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