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How to get money back from the Joey's in your life


We've all got a 'Joey' in our lives – that friend who always needs money, but isn't so good at paying it back. So how do you get the money back from your perma-poor friend without trashing the relationship?

The first rule of fight club is: don't lend money to friends. Okay, not really. And you've already done it. Sigh.

Set a deadline

First off (and you really should do this when you hand over the cash), set a deadline. Gently let your friend know that this is a loan, not a donation, and you'd like it back by a certain date. Have a convo about how they plan on repaying it, so that you're sure you'll actually see your bucks again.

Make it easy

Make paying you back easy by sending them your bank details for an EFT, or offering to meet up to collect the cash.

Give some reminders

If the deadline sails past like a swan on water, try giving some gentle reminders. Maybe they've just forgotten that they owe you money. If that doesn't work, suggest a payment plan so that it's not a lump sum shocker all at once.

Pay them a visit

Friend avoiding your Whatsapps? Dropping your calls? Maybe a visit in person is the way to go. A friendly sitdown over coffee might be the guilt trigger they need to pay back the moola.

Accept payment in kind

Depending on how much is owed, the next time you're out together, suggest that they pay for dinner or drinks. That way you'll get your money back and they won't feel awks about it.

Let it go

If your friend is important to you despite them being a lousy borrower, and you don't want to torch the relationship, write the debt off and make a mental note to never lend again! You'll gain some seriously good karma and, after all, it's only money, right?

The best solution? When they ask you to cough up cash, come up with a sweet way to say: 'No, sorry. No can do.'

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