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#GETSCHOOLED part two: Six ways to pay back your student loan


Whoop! Your studies are finally over. Think partying. Think friends. Think no curfews. Think again … Yes, loads of new things are waiting for you, but there will also be some adulting to do. Like many newbies to the job market, you're probably drowning in study debt. Here are six ways to help you pay back your student loan.

Do it with grace

You should get a six-month breather once you've finished your studies before the bank comes knocking. Use this time to score a cushy job. Once you do, start stashing some cash away for your first instalment. Starting with a downpayment is a winning idea.

The sooner, the better

Paying back your student loan is bleak, but the sooner you do it, the more you'll save on interest. We know, we know … you've got things to do and places to go, but your friends are going to be seriously jelly when you're debt-free before them.

Live your best budget

Urgh. Squeezing your budget sucks big time, but you know what they say – no pain, no gain. Once you've landed a job, make your student loan repayment a priority. #AdultingProblems

Stay ahead

Don't fall behind on your student loan repayment. Seriously, just don't. We're all struggling, but starting adult life with a bad credit record is going to make you do the ugly cry. Paying interest on interest is where debt-free dreams go to die. 

Kick temptations to the curb

You don't really need another pair of kicks, and your old phone is working just fine. Cool it with the impulsive buying. If you have some extra cash burning your pocket, add it to your monthly student loan instalment.

Know your loan

Interest rates and balances sound like things your dad should worry about. Uhm, wrong! Knowing how your student loan works will help you repay it quickly and easily. #GetSchooled  

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