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How Unlocked.Me will help you unlock your potential

Inside Scoop
Inside Scoop

If you’re new here, welcome to the bank that helps you unlock your money, potential and lifestyle. If we are already BFFs, welcome back … Oh, have we missed you!

The new year is here and it is full of possibilities. At Unlocked.Me, we know just how amazing, creative, ambitious and passionate you are, and we would love to be there to take your hand while you continue on this adventure called life and unlock your potential.

Unlocked.Me isn’t just any regular old bank account – Unlocked.Me goes beyond banking. Our zero-monthly-maintenance-fees account not only keeps your cost of banking low, but it also gives you extra value with it’s epic potential and lifestyle offerings.


We will help you unlock your money

With our epic Unlocked.Me Account, you get to enjoy:

• zero monthly maintenance fees;

• a free Unlocked.Me Cheque Card;

• unlimited free card swipes;

• one free debit order from a company other than Nedbank;

• competitive interest rates and immediate access to your money when you open a free MyPocket;

• cash withdrawals at partner retail outlets;

• better money choices by using the Greenbacks Money Manager for free; and

• saving time and money with our market-leading Money app.


We will help you achieve your dreams and unlock your potential

• Access to the MoveUp database of over 500 job opportunities, their awesome and free SmartCV generator and free vocational courses;

• Free career advice based on your grades, including what to study, where to study and help with applications to institutions; and

• A Nedbank Student Loan to take you there, whatever your career aspirations.


Unlock your lifestyle:

• Get up to 50% off on the latest tech, fashion, travel and experiences offered on

• Register on and use your Unlocked.Me Account on the platform to access these great deals.


Don’t be shy – visit us:



Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: