#GetYourLifeTogether: A first-year pep talk

Inside Scoop
Inside Scoop

Hey, newbie! We see you … with your new sneakers, fresh haircut, and bulging backpack. We know that you’re full of hopes and dreams and even some anxiety! We know that you’re sick of hearing ‘no one attends that lecture, everyone knows that’ over and over again. We know that, despite all the noise, you’re determined to have a dope experience, but you’re just not 100% sure how, and that’s okay! 

Here are some tips from your BFFs down at Unlocked.Me (We advise reading these in your best Morgan Freeman voice):

  • Make tons of friends right away, it’s okay! Don’t listen to what Tumi-from-high-school’s older sister’s ex-boyfriend said.
  • Don’t fall into the ‘is this cool’ trap when it comes to activities and events! If it’s your jam, it’s your jam!
  • Talk to the weird guy or girl everyone was whispering about – he or she is just as freaked out as you are. For all you know, this could be your future bestie.
  • You ain’t no pushover, so set up those roommate rules! No one should be sharing your loofah with you.
  • Open a Nedbank Unlocked.Me Student Account - Not only is it SAFE and SECURE, you’ll be able to keep track of your money and start a savings pocket! You could even get your NSFAS allowances paid into your account for FREE. Now if that didn’t make your jaw drop, you can even enjoy dope benefits like lifestyle rewards, free transactions and so much more!
  • You’re never too cool for a deal! Take that free pen, use the rent-free electronics from the library and even join the campus gym! Save where you can – your bank balance will thank you.
  • We know they can dress funny and load you with tons of assignments, but get to know your professors! They’re there to assist and guide you (it’s literally their job). And you never know – you might have found yourself a future mentor!
  • We know it sucks but just sit in the front row! Yes, the lecturer will be able to make eye contact with you, but the proximity will force you to pay attention.
  • Balance baby, balance! Party as hard as you work, and you’ll be all good. As the great Fergie said, ‘A little party never killed nobody’.
  • Finally, just go to class. It’s what you’re there for … duh.