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How to plan an epic virtual graduation!

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Let me set the scene of a distant memory, for y'all! You made plans with your mates to go for dinner, and you wake up that morning feeling like living the couch potato life! So, you spend the entire day hanging by the phone waiting for them to cancel so that you can jump into your PJs and watch Netflix and chill. Bet you’re regretting missing those moments now, right?


These last few months, and for the foreseeable future, we have been forced to postpone and even give up on our plans, our birthdays, concerts and most importantly … on our graduations! After years and years of all-nighters and hard work, it is disappointing to many students that they will not get to do that walk across that stage and celebrate with their classmates and friends. Even though we all know just how important it is to #StayHome and #StaySafe.


We just want you to know that it is okay to be disappointed and feel sad about missing this right of passage! So, your buddies down at Unlocked.Me are here to give you some tips on how to throw the most epic virtual grad!


Step 1: Step up a video call

With everyone staying safe in their homes while the world tries to heal, a videocall on your favorite platform is the best way to host your virtual graduation party! This is the best way to share the excitement and experience with your classmates. A videocall will also allow you all to feel like you’re together again (kinda).


Step 2: Invite EVERYONE (even your teachers)

This is no time to play to ‘cool kids club’. Invite everyone, even the teachers! I promise you that everyone will appreciate it. These are the people you have spent so much of your time with, make sure that they know that you appreciate them and the role they have played in your life.


Step 3: Set a dress code and make sure everyone wears something nice.

Dress up just like you would have at your graduation party! Yes, that means hair, nails, make-up and a fresh fade! Not only will this let you feel some of the excitement you would have felt on the day, but it will give you some closure and a chance to get some pics! It is time to say bye to the comfy lockdown clothes and put on your best!


Step 4: Arrange some games

These are some awesome games that you can play with your classmates online. This will allow you to have some fun with your classmates one last time and create some memories!


Step 5: Have your classmates create a mood board with all their favorite memories of the class

In your invite, get your classmates to create a mood board with all their fave memories of the last few years. Get them to share it with you before the event so you can share it with the class during the video call. Everyone loves a walk down memory lane, and let’s face it … everyone kinda needs some fluff right now.


Step 6: Treat yourself

Get yourself some cake, treats, flowers and even some fun graduation décor. Do not just play the part, make this as special as you can for yourself. You deserve it. Make sure you tell your classmates to do the same!


Step 7: Share your celebrations on the socials

Capture as many moments from the celebration as you can and share it on social media, maybe you will inspire other classes and schools to do the same!

Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health's website for COVID-19 updates: